Monday, 28 May 2012

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was nice and relaxing after a very busy 10 day visit with my mom. 

Saturday I decided that I was going to dust off my "30 Day Shred" video and do that as my workout. If you've never done this workout before, you should! It's a 20 minute butt-kicking workout that makes you feel like you've been working out for hours. I get a better workout in those 20 minutes than I do after an hour at the gym. I forgot how great of a workout it is. I was literally dripping sweat. Proof is in the picture, people!

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Saturday night we headed to our friends' place for a bbq. They cooked us a great dinner or pork chops, corn, potatoes and a lot of grilled vegetables. I didn't realize how much I enjoy grilled vegetables. I filled half my plate with them! Yumm! It made me even more happy that my parents bought me and my boyfriend and BBQ :)

We currently live in a basement apartment with limited outdoor space. Luckily for me, and sun enthusiast, there's a huge park right across the street. Living just outside Toronto, renting a condo is crazy expensive and we're not quite ready to buy yet. However, there are tons of beautiful basement apartments in our area, so we lucked out. The apartment itself is great. It's 1100 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, ceramic floors, fire place, laundry room, full bathroom, 2 parking etc. The only downsize is the outdoors space, but we can deal for now. 

I spent my sunday afternoon putting our BBQ together. I love my boyfriend, but he's not a "handy guy" and has no patience for stuff like that. I on the other hand actually enjoy it and I like the sense of accomplishment I feel once I have completed the task. My dad taught me well growing up and I've always taken things into my own hands and did things myself. I prefer doing it on my own anyway. No one to get frustrated at if they do it wrong ;) 

Outdoor space, thank goodness for the park!! :)


On Thursday we went to a buffet-style restaurant for my mom's birthday dinner. We got fortune cookies after our meal and my fortune couldn't have been more perfect. 


 Hope everyone had a great weekend and a fantastic long weekend for all you Americans :)


  1. awesome job putting together the grill yourself.

  2. I am so not handy. I'd have put something together wrong. Looks like you did a great job! :)

  3. LOVE the fortune cookie!! And I'm uber impressed that you can put a BBQ grill rock!!


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