Monday, 21 May 2012

Long Weekend Recap

Happy monday everyone!

I'm off today as it's a long weekend here in Canada :)
It's also going to be an extra short week for me since I'm taking Thursday afternoon off for my mom's birthday and friday is my scheduled every other friday off.. woo hoo!

We surprised my mom this weekend with a weekend away at her best friend's place. They have been friends since they were babies and haven't seen each other since '99. So needless to say, she was pretty excited and surprised when she realized where we were headed on friday. 

The weather this weekend was/is fantastic!! I've lived through many camping trips on may long weekend where it's been below freezing, snow, rain etc. Not this year. This year is was +30! (86F for you americans :P). Did I mention that my mom's friend has an in ground pool? Yeah, it was perfect. We basically spent the entire weekend by the pool and I have the tan to prove it :)

First thing saturday morning! 

sorry about the wrong rotation - but doesn't it look lovely!

Tan and summer hair :)

We headed back home Sunday around dinner time. We decided we'd check out the fireworks at Wonderland which we could see from about two blocks from my place. 

I woke up this morning and hopped on the scale. I was expecting to see a gain. I didn't eat horrible, but it certainly wasn't great. I was up 2.5lbs.. which sucks, but I was actually expecting more. I know if I work hard this week and eat well, maybe it will come off by friday, but I'm not expecting a loss this week. Shortly after I headed out for a run and it was HOT. It's still 30 degrees out and I find it so hard to run in this heat. It really effects my breathing and I feel like I have asthma and end up having to stop. This doesn't happen when it's cooler out. I hope when race day comes along, it won't be too hot :s

We're heading to my sisters in a couple hours for a bbq. I'll be staying there until thursday so I can spend some time with my mom before she leaves on friday. It's going to be hard to stay on track with y eating while staying at her place, but I think I can do it. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. That pool looks great, and so do you! Stay on track as best you can, and you'll be back down before you know it!


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