Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday Weigh In

I've been staying at my sisters' house all week so I could spend more time with my mom before she left. My sister doesn't have a scale so I couldn't weigh in yesterday, so today was my weigh in day. 

Last week: 259.5
This week: 261.5
+2lbs :(

So the good news is that I technically maintained my weight while my mom was here visiting. Which is a huge accomplishment for me. In the past, I have always gained weight during family visits. And this visit included a potluck, a weekend away, dinners out, buffet dinner and 4 nights at my sisters' house. The fact that I'm up 2lbs this week isn't surprising to me at all and considering the circumstances, I think I did ok. 

That being said, I really want reach my birthday goal. So I need to start focusing and staying on track. I've been doing well with getting my 3 runs in each week, but I need to get some strength training in. I haven't been to the gym in quite a while and I honestly have to desire to go. I think during the next few weeks I'm going to use my 30 day Shred video. It's a quick video and it really kicks your butt, perfect for the days that I don't run. I'm aiming for a really good loss this week to make up for the past couple weeks. Fingers crossed!

My mom flew back home last night. We dropped her off at the airport around 8pm. We had a really great visit and it went by really fast. Normally I wouldn't be seeing her again until possibly Christmas, but my sister is expecting a baby (the first grandchild!!) on December 3rd, so I'll be seeing a lot more of my parents than I'm used to. My dad has holidays at the end of August, so they'll both be here for my birthday this year and by that time my sister will be about 6 months along. Then of course my parents will be back when the baby is born :) November will be a busy month as 2 of my best friends have november babies, another best friend is due November 14th and my sister will is due shortly after. So many babies!! Good thing this Auntie has had some practice ;)

Anyway, my mom's birthday was on Thursday so my sister and I took the afternoon off work and we went to a neighbouring town that has a cute downtown. We picked up lunch at this market and headed to the waterfront to eat. We walked around town a bit then headed home. The guys then met up with us and we headed out for dinner to the Mandarin Buffet, which is an amazing all you can eat buffet. It was hard to practice self-control, but I did as best that I could. My first plate included a few salads, 4 pieces of sushi and a pile of shrimp. My second plate was chicken, a couple dumplings, shrimp, a bit of rice, and curry chicken. They have an amazing dessert section, so this was hard, but my plate included: 2 chocolate covered strawberries, a chocolate chip cookie, a scoop of bubble gum ice cream and mini rice krispie. Sounds like a lot when I type it out, but compared what I would normally eat, this was pretty good!

Yesterday was her last day and she treated us to pedicures :) I love pedicures and mom had never had one before!! We then went back to the house and had some lunch, did a bit of shopping then headed back to my place for dinner. 

My lunch at the beach. Flat bread pizza, which wasn't that good. Too cheesy!

Our lunchtime view

Product placement ;)

Trying to take a picture of my pedicure...

Flowers my dad sent my mom. She couldn't take them home so I got half :)

It's been a whirlwind two weeks. It was so great to see my mom and it will be nice to get back to a normal schedule. August will be here before I know it and both my mom and dad will be here then :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


  1. Sorry about the gain, but you know what did it and are taking steps to eliminate it, so that's great!! Truly, those family weekends are hard.

    I laughed out loud at the "product placement" photo!! That was great! ;) Your pedi is gorgeous--wish I could get those, but my feet are way too ugly to even try, lol!

    Hope next week is great, Bailey!

    1. Thanks! The good thing was that I was expecting the gain and I was actually expecting more. This week will definitely be better :)

  2. Just found your blog! Congrats on all the accomplishments so far. Believe me, I know how hard family weekends can be! Those were always the hardest for me. It's so easy to fall back into old habits around people you love!


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