Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Thanks to the Lose a Marathon Challenge, I finally decided to take some "during" pictures and my measurements. I haven't done either since sometime last year when I was pushing 280lbs. I must say, I'm really glad I did it! I wish I would've worn the same shirt though. 

Here are my progress pictures (they can also be found on the LMC page): 


2011                       June 2012

Waist: 45"             43"
Hips: 54.5"            51.5"
Chest: 49.5"         47"
Stomach53"       49.5"
Thigh: 31"             30"
Arm: 18"               18"
Neck: 14.5"          14"
Calf: 18.5"             18.5"

Total Lost so far: 12.5"

I definitely notice a difference in my stomach and arms. However, my measurements tell me that I haven't lost any inches in my arms :P That being said, I find taking measurements difficult because I don't remember exactly where I should be measuring... so I could've lost an inch in my arms. I'm going to take another set of pictures and measurements during the first week of August and again at the end of the challenge. I really didn't think the weight loss was visible yet, so this was a nice reminder of how far I've come already :)


This week, as part of the Lose a Marathon Challenge, my goal is to drink the proper amount of water for my body weight. According to an online calculator, I should be drinking around 120oz. I learned to love water about 6 years ago and now it's all I drink 98% of the time. Every day at work I drink at least 3, 32oz bottles of water and then a few more glasses while at home.. so I'm pretty damn close to the 120oz goal. The only time I find it challenging is on the weekends because my water bottle isn't always sitting next to me. So my goal for this week is to drink at least 96oz of water during the weekend. 


  1. You're SO inspiring!! I joined the Lose a Marathon Challenge because I came across it on your page! Great job on getting so much water in, I'm still struggling with that! It wasn't too long ago that I was going weeks without drinking a single glass, now it's mostly all I drink! :)

    1. Thank you! It's so strange to have someone tell you that you're inspiring. It took me a while to actually like water, but now I can't go without it for too long.

  2. Wow what a difference! You are doing great, keep it up. I am also doing the LMC, I've taken the pictures but not the measurements yet (doing that tonight) but I also get confused on where to measure lol.

    1. it's so hard to remember where you took them last! lol

  3. I can definitely tell there's a difference. :) You're doing great!

  4. What an amazing change!!! I've been trying really hard to drink my water - it's going to make a huge difference this summer dealing with the heat!

    1. Thank you!
      It's amazing how thirsty I feel when I don't get in my bottles of water each day!

  5. You look great, what a difference. I am the same way with water, I crave it. That is 98% of what I drink as well. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. i see a difference in your arms too. you are rocking :)


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