Saturday, 15 September 2012

Shopping, Cooking, Tweeting, oh my!

Frist things first, Onederland or Bust now has twitter! Click on the Twitter button to the right and follow my tweets! I'm still pretty new to the Twitter world, but it's surprisingly fun to see what your fellow bloggers are up to on a regular basis! 


For my birthday a couple weeks ago I got a few gift cards and about $100 in cash. I know people say that gift cards are in-personal, but I personally love then. I'd much rather get that than something I don't like or will never wear. My boyfriend's parents bought be a $100 card to the outlet mall nearby and I just happened to be there on Thursday. Normally I'm one to hoard GC and use them when I REALLY want something, but I figured since I was there I may as well look.

What I really wanted was a pair of nice high boots, but the ones at the plus size store fit over my calves, but barely! I would only be able to wear them with dresses/skirts and I'd like to wear them with leggings or skinny jeans. Apparently I have large calves! :( 

I found this really pretty dress on sale for $29.99 and it looked great from the front... from the side, not so much! The bottom half was made of really clingy material and it showed off all my lumps and bumps - not cool! 

What I did find is a really nice running jacket! They had it in a pink and a greyish-purple colour. I initially liked the pink, but it was VERY pink and ended up with the greyish one. I really like it. It's rain and water proof, it has thumbholes(!) and it's warm enough that in the winter I could wear a heavier shirt underneath and probably be ok. That's right... I'm already thinking about winter running. I'm determined to continue running in the winter :D

I also picked up a halloween costume for my friend's 1 year old. She's going to be a cupcake! And a few outfits for the baby shower I'm holding in two weeks. Overall, it was a successful night of shopping! 

Yesterday was my friday off and it was a cool rainy day out - perfect for errands and chores around the house. First I went grocery shopping then came home to clean. The place has been neglected since my parents visit, so it was well overdue! I decided to tackle my closet and bring out my fall gear! It's not nearly cold enough to start thinking about sweaters and jeans, but at least now I'm prepared! As I was bringing items out, I tried them on to see if small ones now fit or if anything is now too big. Almost all the previous small items do fit, but I definitely need to lose an inch or two in my arms for them to feel more comfortable (goal for the next month!!). I did find a few items that are too big and I packed them up to give to a couple girlfriends. 

The crappy weather always puts me in the mood for homemade soup and SkinnyTaste (best site ever!) just posted a recipe for beef barely soup. This soup always reminds me of winters at my nana's - she always had a batch on hand. Luckily I picked up all the ingredients that morning so I decided to whip some up - Yum!

I've also been craving homemade pizza. The downside with pizza is that I could eat the entire pie! I bought the dough and decided to weigh it according to the serving size on the back. I ended up with 100g for about 200 calories, plus the cheese and sauce. My little pizza came to about 300ish calories. I enjoy making them on pitas and english muffins, but sometimes you just need the real thing! Anyway, I used the rest of the doug to make a big one for the boyfriend and I may have snuck a small piece of his later last night. ;)

Do you love my pig-themed kitchenware? My mom always finds these little guys and adds them to presents or stockings (yes I still get a stocking at Christmas). I think they're too cute. 

It's been a pretty successful weekend this far. Today I'm headed to the farmers market with my sister and tomorrow is the Terry Fox Run!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. I have large calves too. I don't think I'll ever be able to pull off the boot look since I hate drawing attention to my legs. It's a super cute look for other people, though. :)

    I have a running jacket that I LOVE but it doesn't have the thumb holes. That bums me out. :(

    I still get stockings at Christmas. My mom collects little personal things throughout the year and the stockings are always an anticipated thing at her house. :)

    1. I was so happy when I saw that it had thumb holes lol.

      My mom does the same thing and it's my favourite part about Christmas day! I don't think she'll ever stop either, she even gets them for our boyfriends/husbands :)

  2. Even being a bigger girl, I have chicken legs so I don't have AS hard of a time finding boots. I do have long skinny feet and they're flat to boot (pun intended) so I can't wear any heels higher than about an inch. Last year on Black Friday (shopping day after Thanksgiving), I FINALLY found a pair of boots that I love. They're black and go to the tops of my calves! LOVE THEM! I saw a really cute dress online today that I could totally picturing wearing with black tights, my black boots, and a black cardigan, but sadly I couldn't find it for sale anywhere. Bummer!

    We still get stockings at my parents' house too! I LOVE stockings. They're usually filled with nonsense stuff, but we love them all the same.

  3. Awww I don't get stockings in Argentina :( I did in the States thought it was so much fun!!!

    Have a good week :D



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