Thursday, 26 April 2012

Long Weekend!

Today is my Friday, yay!

A couple months ago my work started a program called "Fortnight". Basically we work an extra half hour every day and we get every other friday off... it's freakin' awsome! 

I look forward to my short weeks SOOO much! It makes getting out of bed at 5:45am that much easier in the morning :)

I know this is a common problem for a lot of us trying to lose weight and it's no different for me - weekends are my downfall. I've basically spent all this week trying to lose the weight that I gained last weekend. I do so well during the week and once friday night hits, it's like a switch goes off in my brain and I binge or just eat way to much "bad" food. Last weekend for instance, I went for a birthday lunch with a friend at our favourite restaurant and ate so much that it hurt. That night I went to her place for her birthday party where I had some drinks, chips, ice cream cake and a brownie. On Sunday it was my boyfriend's Dad's birthday and I indulged in chips, dinner and cake. The scale definitely showed it on monday. 

There's been a few weekends where I've actually lost weight and that feeling is amazing! I wish I could remember how great it feels and apply it to every weekend. But it's so hard and now that Summer is around the corner, it's just going to get harder! 

The best thing for me is keeping myself busy. Unfortunately, a lot of time "busy" includes dinners out, parties with friends or some kind of outing where food is involved. My goal for the next month (may) is to not gain weight on the weekends. This is going to be hard because May is a busy month with family visits. 

This weekend is going to be my first big challenge. Tomorrow I'm off and I don't have much planned (which is nice), but boredom tends to lead to binging. I plan on dropping the bf off at work then hitting the gym or going for a run, then I'll clean the apartment and hopefully go for a walk if it's nice out. Saturday will be the toughest. We're heading to our friends' 2 yr olds' birthday party, then from there we're headed downtown Toronto for the night to see a concert with 4 others and a night out afterwards. I will definitely have to squeeze in a work out prior to the birthday party and limit what I eat there. Drinks will be happening saturday night, but I plan on keeping the food and drinks under control. *fingers crossed*

Sunday we're meeting my boyfriend's sister and her kids at Wonderland (amusement park) where my boyfriends intends on getting Funnel Cake. (If you've never heard of funnel cake, check it out here . Yes, it's just as good as it looks!) It's a must when you go to Wonderland. I'll allow myself to have a little bit and hopefully I can walk it off at the park. 

Overall, I'm REALLY looking forward to this weekend... I just hope that I don't blow my diet :)


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