Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chili Peppers!

no, not the food...

the band!!

I'm going to see them tonight and I am SO excited! They are one of my all time favourite bands and I've been anxiously awaiting their Canadian tour. Me, my boyfriend and 4 others are headed downtown Toronto for the night, so it should be a pretty good time! :D

I love going to concerts. I've been to a number of them in my day and the list is pretty random, but so is my taste in music. Some of my favourite shows were:
- 98 degrees (first concert ever, with my parents)
- Our Lady Peace
- Alice Cooper (front row!)
- Rise Against
- Bon Jovi <3
- Eminem & Jay Z
- Def Leppard
- Heart
- weezer & Blink 182
and many, many more. 

Yesterday was a great start to my weekend. I was down 2 lbs, went for a jog, did some errands, cleaned the house and relaxed. 

The boyfriend and I are up early this morning so I think I'll make us some crepes from the best site ever Seriously guys, if you've never checked out this site, you must! Not only are all of the recipes healthy versions, but it's nicely organized, has great photos and all the nutrition info and WW points for all recipes. I've made a  lot recipes from the site and every single one has been a hit!

I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!!

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