Monday, 20 August 2012

Vacation Round Up {& a weigh in}

I woke up feeling pretty tired this morning and that tiredness has turned into a headache. The kind of headache you normally have after a night of drinking, but I wasn't drinking. Perhaps it's my body detoxing from my mini vaca? Who knows, but I don't like it. On Thursday morning the boyfriend and I headed up north for a little getaway. I had the best intentions to stay on track over this vacation, I didn't do horrible, but I didn't do great either. 

Thursday started off with a two hour drive up north. We couldn't check into our B&B until 4pm, but there are a little towns in the area so we went to check them out. The area is beautiful and surrounded by lakes. We stopped for lunch at a little pub next to some waterfalls. The place didn't look the best, but actually had really good food. I ordered a buffalo chicken wrap that came with fresh cut fries (bad choice #1) and Ross got chicken fingers and fries, which were awsome! The chicken fingers were clearly homemade and not frozen, they were excellent!

checking out the falls
After lunch we wandered around the town and relaxed at the waterfront for a bit. Afterwards we headed back towards the town where the B&B was and headed to Boston Pizza that's located right on wharf and had a drink. Eventually it was time to check in and we were anxious to check out the amenities so we headed right over. 
The place was gorgeous and all the reviews were dead on! It was right on the lake, the hosts were SO welcoming and the surroundings were great. We got a tour of the place then quickly changed into our bathing suits and headed to the water. We took the paddle boat out for a quick jaunt, but I was more excited for the Kayak. I've been wanting to try kayaking for so long and they had two! Once we docked the boat I excitedly launched the kayak and away I went. I stuck close to shore because I didn't know the area and I wasn't sure how busy the lake was. Since it was my first kayak experience I wanted to get used to paddling before I hit the waves from the boats. Luckily it was pretty quiet so I could enjoy the view. 

We had only been there for about 2 hours when we deiced to hit up the hot tub. We both love hot tubs (and will hopefully own one at some point) and this one didn't disappoint! It was the best tub either of us had been in. Each seat had different massaging jets to work different areas.. it was like a massage chair - heaven! We were in it at least 10 times over the 3 days. That night we headed into town for some pizza (bad choice #2) and ate the leftovers for lunch the next day. 

The temperature dropped a lot on friday. We went out for a boat cruise and they supplied us with blankets. It was chilly! There was only 4 of us on the cruise, so it was actually really nice and peaceful. The rest of the day we were in and out of the hot tub and relaxed by the fire that evening. For dinner, we opted to have the host cook us dinner ($30 for a 3 course meal). It was by far the best meal I've had in ages! Roasted red pepper soup, her famous Kalhuha chicken, and boston cream pie for dessert. The soup and chicken were so good, I ate until I was uncomfortably full. It was so worth it though! I wish I took pictures. 

Saturday we woke up to the sun shining again. We enjoyed another delicious breakfast from the host then headed out for a kayak (which I love by the way!). We really didn't want to leave. We enjoyed every single minute and we will definitely be back! Here are some more pictures....


Can I help you??

The view

My new favourite activity

Painted turtles :)

This place reminds me so much of home...well the home I grew up in. I would never move back to my hometown due to the serious lack of jobs and the fact that it's in the middle of nowhere, but I really can't blame the people that think it's an amazing place to live. Places like this make me miss it so much. Ross has never been, so next year a trip there will be in order :)

My diet wasn't horrible while away, but it could've been better. After we left the B&B, we headed to our friends trailer at a nearby beach. This is where my diet went out the window. We didn't have any food with us (except for chips), so I knew my options would be limited. I ended up eating way too many chips, a beer, Dairy Queen ice cream, and hot dogs... what a diet!

Needless to say, I was expecting the worst this morning. I honestly thought I was going to see around a 3lb gain. I've gone away for a night and gained that much before...

Previous weight: 249
Today's weight: 249.5
+ .5

I shouldn't be happy with a gain, but this made me happy. I wasn't looking forward to seeing the 250's again and I was pleasantly surprised to see the 240's still :) I was able to enjoy myself this weekend and now I just need to work a little harder this week to make up for the very small set-back. 

It was all worth it!


  1. Hey great pictures! It looks like you guys had tons of fun!

    I feel you when you say that you are ok with "only gaining" half a pound. I think it had happened to everyone that they were expecting the worst gain right before getting on the scale and then being happy with just a tiny gain!

    Have a good week!


  2. Im beyond jealous of this vacation haha. You look so pretty! And nobody does this every weekend so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Glad to see some pics!

  3. That's great after a weekend getaway with some indulging! It'll come off right away, I'm sure!

  4. I would have to say that is a great weigh in for sure! Not to mention that trip looks stunning! Wow I am super jealous what a perfect trip for the end of summer :)

  5. That sounds like an amazing trip and your pictures are gorgeous! Congrats on the weigh in too-gaining only 1/2 pound is a success in my book.



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