Friday, 3 August 2012

Progress, Progress, Progress!

Morning everyone!

It's a great today. Not only am I off work today, but it's a long weekend here in Canada (Civic Holiday!) so I also have Monday off..Woot! :) My morning started out with some homemade blueberry muffins, a workout and some Bon Jovi ;)

As you all know I'm partaking in the Lose a Marathon Challenge  and this week was the half way mark! I'm not doing as good as I could be, but I'm still happy with my progress. My summer has been super busy with friends, bbq's, parties, trips, etc and if it wasn't for this challenge I think I would be gaining weight or at least hovering in the 260's still. Instead, I'm losing slowly and almost in the 240's. I'm pretty happy with that :)

This week's challenge was to take more progress pictures and measurements, so that's what I did! I'm so glad that I started doing this because it really puts things into perspective when the scale isn't moving quickly. 

As of today, I'm down another 4 inches since June 18th and 16.5 inches since I started on this journey again. You can see the full breakdown on my Lose a Marathon page. 

Every time I look at my "before" pictures, I can't believe how big I was. It's amazing how your brain tricks you into thinking your a lot smaller than you are. When I lost weight back in college, I lost it from my face down and I can see that happening again. I think my face is getting slimmer, I can see my collar bones again (yay!) and my boobs are shrinking (boo!). I'm just so happy to see the progress!! The weight may be creeping off, but at least it's moving! 

I also decided to try on some clothes today. Back in the winter I had one pair of jeans that i wore all the time and another that were back up and the rest were folded up because they either didn't fit or gave me bad muffin top. Well, this morning they all fit! My go-to pair are almost too big, I think I would need a belt. There is a pair of 16's in there that just barely got on and gave me bad muffin top, so those will be my goal jeans. I haven't worn jeans in probably 3 months because of the heat and I likely won't be wearing any for another 2 months. I'm hoping that I will fit into the 16's by the time jean weather rolls around again :) 

I also tried on 2 winter jackets that I love, but haven't been able to wear the past 2 winters. They're a size XL from Suzy Shier (which is a normal size store btw) and they're more dressy, fitted jackets. This morning, they both fit! They're snug in the arms (they always were), but in order for them to fit nicely, I need to lose an inch or so in the arms. This should be doable before winter. I'm thinking that maybe I should start a arm workout routine at night. I've always been extremely self-concious about my arms, so  a few inches gone would be great. 

Overall, it's been a pretty good morning! Except for the run that I just got back from. This heat is seriously killing me. I honestly feel like my running is regressing instead progressing. My run this morning and on Wednesday were horrible, I've never felt so overheated in my life and I've run in hotter weather.. it sucks! I was only able to run half the route both days. My legs were fine, they could've continued, but my face felt like it was going to explode, my breathing sucks, and i feel nauseous. That's the best way I can explain it.. it's a weird feeling and it makes me unbelievably anxious to finish. I have a 5k race at the end of September and I'm just praying that the weather cools down a bit. 

One of my best friends from college, her boyfriend and their two kids are coming from up north tonight and they're staying for the weekend. I haven't seen them since November, so I'm excited! Tomorrow we're going to the Toronto Zoo, it's one of the largest zoos in the world and I've never been.. I can't wait! Apparently it's a ton of walking and it's supposed to be around 100 degrees (shocking!) so I'll be getting my workout in there :)

A lot of you commented about the nasty giant slugs. I can honestly say that I've never seen slugs this size in my life! I don't believe that they're common here... it makes me wonder what kind of shells they live in??? And just because you guys seemed to like them so much, here's another picture :)
Have a great weekend!

Slimey the Slug. 


  1. great pictures showing progress! and nice blog, I enjoyed reading it...decided to follow you on Pinterest, I'm so addicted to that website :D

  2. Acck!!! More slugs. Noooo. lol. JK.

    Congrats on the progress!! I wish I had done measurements earlier. I am getting them done tonight.

    I agree about the mirror being tricky. Pictures are always a shock for me.

    1. It's likely because we don't want to see those bad angles so we look at ourselves in the most flattering way possible lol

  3. Hi! Wow congratulations on the progress!!! The same thing happened to me with clothe I used to wear tight fitting loose now (check my post).

    Unfortunately I didn't start taking pictures before I lost 10 kilos but I will be uploading some pictures myself soon! Stay tuned!


  4. Amazing results! This is something to be proud of...Congratulations!

  5. Your progress is AMAZING--there is even a big difference between your June and August photos! Isn't it fun to try on old clothes when you've lost some weight? That was one of my favorite things to do while I was losing ;)

    1. Thank you! I was so excited to see that you read my post :D
      I've been looking forward to trying on some clothes for a few weeks now.

  6. I agree about seeing what we want instead of seeing what's really there. I know I'm, I know I'm fat. I know I have to lose weight to be healthy again but I've mananged to trick myself for many many years into thinking it's not as bad as my doctors(mother, sister, friends etc..) say it is. Unfortunately, it is. I think you're doing a great job! The difference in your pictures is noticeable. Congrats on doing such a great job so far and I hope you had fun at the zoo!


  7. I think your progress is amazing! You look great!


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