Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday Weigh In??

As per my usual Friday schedule, I work up and hopped on the scale. To my pleasant surprise I was down 2lbs! (255.5). However, it doesn't technically count because this week I started the "Lose a marathon challenge" and one of the rules is that our weigh ins have to be on Monday. As much as I'd love to track this loss, I also want to be fair. The good news is that I'm hoping the Monday weigh in will help me stay on track this weekend because we have two parties to go to. We shall see what Monday brings!

I've been feeling pretty good this week. On Wednesday I wore a cute dress to work. The last time I wore the dress was February in Mexico and it fit much better on Wednesday :) I've never worn this dress to work and I got sooo many compliments (it was nice!) and I had 2 people ask if I lost weight (yay!). The scale hasn't been moving all that quickly, so hearing comments like that reminds me that this is all worth it. 

I decided today that I was going to take a "before" picture and record my measurements so I can see how I really change over the next 13 weeks for the Lose a Marathon Challenge. I had taken pictures sometime last year and have been recording my measurements every so often. I was surprised to see a somewhat noticeable change in my pictures this morning. I carry my weight all over, so it can be hard for me to notice a change.. so pictures are a good thing! I've also lost a decent amount of inches, which I'll share later. At some point this weekend I'm going to create a new page for the Marathon Challenge where I'll post my before pictures and stats and continue to update over the next 13 weeks. 

It's been unbelievably hot here all week! Like I'm talking 109 degrees! (I have to convert this as I'm used to Celsius, but I know most of my readers are from the US). I went for a run on monday when it was still cooler out, but the rest of the week was just too hot. Yesterday we had an intense thunder storm which broke up the heat and today it's comfortably hot out :) Today is my friday off, so I was able to go for a run this morning.. it was nice!

Tomorrow we're off to a washer tournament (think horseshoes..kinda) and sunday we're going tubing down a river... I can't wait!!

See you all Monday for my official weigh in.

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  1. Good job on the loss! Hope you have a GREAT weekend and looking forward to hearing about the "true" weigh-in--you can do it!!


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