Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Today is my friday and I am pretty stoked about that!

I'm hoping today goes by quickly. I have a few things to get done at work, shopping with a friend tonight then home to pack for our weekend away. I'm really looking forward to our getaway, I think the boyfriend and I really need it. The weather is holding up so far. August has been a mixed bag... we got dumped on with rain all weekend (to make up for the lack of rain all summer?) and the temperatures have been all over the place! All I'm hoping for is that the rain holds off for the next 4 days.. I can handle chillier temperatures as long as there is no rain :)


This week's mini challenge for the Lose a Marathon Challenge  is to give up soda pop for the week. I've never been addicted to it, but I do enjoy an occasional diet pop.. typically when I'm eating out. I've been drinking diet pop since back in high school when I started worrying about my weight and the only time I drink regular pop is if I'm at a bar and order a rum and coke (or something along those lines). I hate wasting calories on drinks when I don't need to. My boyfriend on the other hand loves sugar pop and when we actually have it in our house, he drinks a lot of it! Luckily, we only have it in the house when there's a good sale on. The only pop that I may waste some calories on are Grape, Orange, Cream Soda, Root Beer and Lime (basically all the flavoured ones! lol), that being said.. a sip or two is satisfying enough for me :)


So my second official 5k race is on September 29th at the Toronto Zoo (how cool!?). I went to this zoo for the first time a couple weeks ago and it turns out it's pretty hilly and it made me realize that I really need to train better for this one. I've been consistent with running twice a week, but I've been struggling to get in a third run. Not to mention that the heat has been almost unbearable all summer which has made my running experience not very enjoyable. The forecast is showing much cooler temperatures for the week ahead and I'm secretly hoping that they stick around so my running will be easier. This morning I printed off a running schedule that has bee running 3 times a week with my "long" runs on saturdays. My goal is to do every single run up until my race day. My long-term goal is to continue running throughout the winter and possibly start training for a 10k come October (crazytalk!!). 

I hope everyone has a great end of week/weekend. Hopefully I'll have a great weekend recap and equally great weigh-in (fingers crossed!) on Monday!

View for the weekend :)


  1. Have a great weekend away! The view is amazing.

  2. How is the no soda going?! The caffeine part is tough for me to give up and I try all the time with bits of success!


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