Friday, 6 July 2012

Time is Flying!

I can't believe we're going into our second week of July!! This summer is flying by! My boyfriend and I have been super busy this summer, which is nice since it's been a lot of get together with family and friends :) It doesn't help that I'm planning TWO baby showers for September (my sister and college friend) so my mind is constantly calculating how much time I have to plan, buy gifts, etc. Not to mention that my parents will be here at the end pf August and my birthday is on September first. Lot's happening! That being said, I can wait for all of that, so summer can slow down now! ;)

This week flew by. I rarely use my sick days at work for actually being sick, (I prefer using them when I want a day off) but Tuesday I woke up feeling like crap, so I decided to just call in sick. I slept a lot and by Tuesday night I was feeling much better. Work was very busy (which i love) on Wednesday on Thursday and today is my Friday off, so it was a very short week. Not complaining!

I woke up this morning and drove my boyfriend to work. I was going to go for a run today because I haven't gone since last Friday. But it's so damn hot here! It's been over 103 degrees for a couple days and hovering around 100 for over a week and it's not letting up. It is nice, we've had fantastic weather so far this summer, but it sure makes it difficult to get in a run. Instead, I decided to clean the apartment. I normally do a good clean once a week, but I've been seriously slacking since we've been so busy. So I spent about 2 hours cleaning the entire apartment...I even dug out an old toothbrush to scrub some parts of the floor lol. Afterwards I decided to do the 30 Day Shred, which was great and sweaty!! I just had a shower and I think I'll be heading outside to read the third book in the 50 Shades series. 

We have another filled weekend ahead. My boyfriend occasionally works in the city that I commute to every day and tomorrow he's heading there for a few hours of work. My sister also lives there and I love that city, so I'm going to join him and likely hit up the beach :) Tomorrow evenin we're headed to some friends' place to watch the UFC fight. They've asked everyone to bring something for food, so I think I'll bring a cheese ball. My parents got my sister tickets to go see The Beauty and the Beast in Toronto, so her and I are headed to that on Sunday. I've heard great things about it so I'm excited! Last summer we saw the Lion King (which was great!) and the Summer before we saw Rock of Ages. Rock of Ages was absolutely amazing and I would go see it again in a second. It was like seeing all my favorite 80's hair bands in one ;) I'm hoping to see the movie soon, but I doubt it will live up to the broadway show. 

Annnnyway, I'm sitting here in a town and I'd really like to get outside and sweat soak up the sun!

Stay cool everyone! :)


  1. Two baby showers? You're a nut!! :)

    Hope you enjoyed the sun--I got 40 minutes in myself today. I need to get some color on me so I don't look so pasty white in my new dress later this month. :p

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I know! Luckily, my mom loves these kinds of things and probably has most of my sisters' shower already planned out haha.

      I tan really easily, which I love lol.

  2. My goodness woman, you're soooo busy!! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate but it sounds like you also have a great balance of fun, friends and family as well. It's been pretty hot here too, upper 90's though today we had a bit of a break which was nice. My son had a baseball game and at one point, the sky suddenly just opened up and poured! We got soaked but it felt GREAT! lol

    I hope you have a great time with your sister!

    1. At least it's a good busy :) We desperately need rain here, I'm just hoping that it doesn't happen on the weekend lol


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