Monday, 23 April 2012

Snow Day!

It's the last week of April... and it's snowing!
I'm not sure why I'm surprise. I grew up in Northern Ontario where I spent many May Long weekends camping and praying that it wasn't going to snow. Back in March we experienced almost  +30 (Celsius) degree weather and it was amazing! It was definitely a tease though because it hasn't been very nice since and today it's cold and snowy/rainy.

On a brighter note... some coworkers and I braved the snow and went for a jog after work. It was chilly, but it felt great to be out running jogging again. I'm working up to running a 5k, hopefully this summer! A few weeks back I managed to get a groin injury and it still isn't completely healed. It hurt a little bit today, but not too much so I'm hoping it's almost healed!

This crappy weather has got me thinking daydreaming about Mexico... My boyfriend's parents own a place in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and we were lucky enough to go there for 10 days in February.. it was lovely!

I miss this... .  

and eating delicious coconut ice cream...

and parasailing...

and the view while parasailing...

and beach hair....

and happy hour...

and flowers like this, everywhere...

and views like this...

and beaches like this....

and water like this....

and relaxing like this ....

and swimming with these guys!! <3


  1. Your pictures of Mexico are beautiful! I wish I was there too! lol.
    Good luck on your training! I'm hoping to do a 5K sometime also. I'm thinking the fall because I don't think I could run outside in the summer- too hot! haha.

    1. I'm lucky that my boss is a runner and she has started a "learn to run' program a couple nights a week. There's a small group of ladies that do it and we all keep each other motivated. I'm excited because last nights run was the first time in a while that my injury didn't bother me.
      And I agree, running in the summer heat sucks! haha.

  2. Wow, those pics are stunning! I'm thinking of planning a vacation somewhere beautiful like that for next year-my daughter's senior year-and your pics have me wanting to start researching now.


    1. I know people think Mexico is unsafe, but I would go back in a heartbeat! Playa del Carmen is along the Mayan Riviera and it's absolutely beautiful and there's so many different towns to explore in the area. I never felt unsafe there :)


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